Through the use of contemporary photography within the discipline’s various acknowledged genres, the organisers Naoko Ohta (KLEE Inc Paris Tokyo) and Steven V-L Lee (KLPA Events and have come together to celebrate both nation’s iconic natural heritage in the form of Mount Fuji and Mount Kinabalu. Both peaks have a revered status, highly symbolic and define the psyche of the each nation in many aspects, and it is this challenge that the organisers are hoping to achieve, through the eyes of six selected photographers from both countries.

These two peaks are recognised as spiritual symbols and icons by the people, through centuries of cultural and traditional practices. The project hopes to commission the selected photographers to document several aspects about each mountain, covering:

 Local customs

 Natural beauty

 Symbolism

 Cultural and social abstractions

The photography will mostly document the people that live close to or directly on these mountains, how the peaks affect their lives, and the visitor to the peaks. The organisers believe that it is important to highlight the human interest stories through photography rather then re-introducing touristic or scenic images of these places. This task will be done by three specially selected local photographers from each country, and the photographers will have a free canvas to explore according to their personal visions, approaches and styles. 
The organisers sincerely wish that this project may enlighten, enrich and serve as a ‘panoramic cultural exchange’ platform for future events between Malaysia and Japan.



Photographers – Japan

1. Junpei Katoh

2. Hajime Kimura

3. Mikio Hasui


Photographers – Malaysia

1. Nadia J Mahfix

2. Rayyiu Radzi

3. Flanegan Bainon