Mount Kinabalu may not be South East Asia’s highest peak, but it has captured climbers attention due to it’s very prominent plateau and sharp peak at 4,095m or 13,435 feet above sea level. What is more interesting is the legends about it’s name and the folklore which surrounds the mountain for centuries. Here’s an excerpt from an informative site :

“Kinabalu’s name is a mystery. The most popular view derives it from the Kadazan words, Aki Nabalu, meaning ‘the revered place of the dead’. The local Kadazan people believe that spirits dwell on the mountain top.

According to another folklore, the name Kinabalu actually means Cina Balu which translates into ‘Chinese widow’. Legend goes that a Chinese prince ascended the mountain in search of a huge pearl guarded by a ferocious dragon.

After his successful conquest, he married a Kadazan woman. But he soon abandoned her and returned to China. Heartbroken, his wife wandered to the mountains to mourn. There, she turned into stone.”