Sunday, Day 2 Bundu Tuhan

Woke up 9am, with still lihing smells and odour althou I washed myself last night and also brushed my teeth 3 times.

Went to Tamu, eventually they closed early.

Then decide to meet ‘mentua’ the oldest people in Bundu Tuhan to dig some interesting stories and history. 4 hours, 2 interesting subject that still exist in kampung to capture it.

Done meeting the mentua, have another meeting with 5 important people in Bundu Tuhan to get ‘ultimate’ permission to photographs the kampung. Lots of disagreement at first, feels like want to quit but I have to stand still and create a perfect agreement with ketua kampung. In order to win their heart, decide to against my own principe for the first time.. Drink alcohol! I hate myself but no choice.

It’s 2.18am, done with moginum with the locals and monday good to go! I can photographs the kampung with ease and no ‘halang’ from orang kuat kampung.

God bless me!

~ FB