Friendship Art Project between Malaysia & Japan

TOKYO-GA and KL-GA, are delighted to announce the launch of the second phase of the Two Mountains Photography Project (TM2.0)


© Flanegan Bainon - from Two Mountains Photo Project, 2013
Featured image (top) - © Hajime Kimura, 2013

The Two Mountains Photography Project

Malaysia and Japan have built a precious friendship for over many years. In 2013, the Two Mountains Photograph Project was started to deepen this mutual understanding through the power of photography and culture. Centred on the commissioning of 6 documentary and art photographers to present photo-stories of these peaks in their home nations, the project culminated in an exhibition in Kuala Lumpur, and a presentation in Japan and was successfully received.

Today, we are excited to announce the second phase of the Two Mountains Photography Project, starting in 2017, continuing our original vision by recognising cross-cultural processes, via photography.

This second phase will enable selected photographers from each nation to travel to the other country, and make their personal visual stories centred on the respective peaks.

The indigenous people of each nation respect these peaks as cultural icons and spiritual symbols by recognition of their unique status, with long traditions and practices embedded in the national psyche. Through the efforts of research combined with the artists’ personal photographic styles and backgrounds, we hope that the TM2.0 project will enable the realisation of projects with new visions and stories.

We plan to stage exhibitions, lecture programs and cultural exchange events, where we can share thoughts, reflections, inspirations and the unique life around these mountains. We wish this project to function as a panoramic cultural exchange between both nations as never before.

Selected photographers from Japan


Chiaki KANO


Selected photographers from Malaysia


Stacy LIU


A Common Mission

A collaborative effort between Naoko Ohta and Steven Lee in 2013 known as the Two Mountains Photography Project was initiated to establish a working relationship and realization of common goals within the role of photography and it’s function to record and visualize personal projects between the two nations.

This project enabled six selected photographers, three from each country, to research and photograph Mount Fuji and Mount Kinabalu respectively, and this culminated in a public presentation and exhibition of all the works in Kuala Lumpur, and a follow-up presentation at Mt.Rokko International Photo Festival, Kobe, Japan in August 2014.

The common mission of both parties is to utilise photography as a medium for cross cultural understanding, mutual recognition and the revelation of the beauty inherent in traditions, peoples and nature of both countries, as well as defining our commonalities and celebrating the differences.


Mt. Fuji (3,776m) – The highest peak in Japan / Listed as a Cultural Heritage site by UNESCO in 2013

Mt. Kinabalu (4,095.2m) The highest peak in Malaysia and Borneo, 5th highest in South-east Asia / Registered as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO at 2000

TM2.0 Project Directors

Naoko OHTA, Ms. Founder & Commissioner, TOKYO-GA

Steven LEE, Mr. Founder, KL-GA