富士山 / Gunung Kinabalu



Exhibition Preview : TM3.0

Sense of Belonging Two Mountains Photography Project 3.0 will be presenting an exhibition of the projects of 3 Japanese and 3 Malaysian photographers who were specially commissioned by the project directors to embark on exchange discovery journeys to photograph personal... Continue Reading →


Video presentation of projects : Malaysian photographers

The Making of FACES OF GAYO NGARAN – by Flanegan Bainon

Preview : FACES OF GAYO NGARAN by Flanegan Bainon

© Flanegan Bainon Flanegan is about to complete his #TwoMountains shoot shortly and spent a week up in Bundu Tuhan,on the foothills of Mount Kinabalu. Shooting primarily with his H4D medium format digital camera, the portraits of the villagers of... Continue Reading →

KINABALU : Kina Balu, Aki Nabalu, or Ki Nabalu?

Here's another essay on the possible origins of this revered mountain which, according to the writer could be a Kadazandusun word meaning 'Place of the Dead'. Thanks to Flanegan Bainon for the research from the Kadazandusun Cultural Association.

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