富士山 / Gunung Kinabalu


Kinabalu Park

Exhibition Preview : TM3.0

Sense of Belonging Two Mountains Photography Project 3.0 will be presenting an exhibition of the projects of 3 Japanese and 3 Malaysian photographers who were specially commissioned by the project directors to embark on exchange discovery journeys to photograph personal... Continue Reading →

TM2.0 Kinabalu Recce.

Two of the three commissioned photographers from Japan arrived in Sabah yesterday for a short reconnoitre visit to the Kinabalu park and surround mountain areas. Chiaki Kano and Mayumi Suzuki, accompanied by Naoko Ohta - the team hope to meet... Continue Reading →

Video presentation of projects : Malaysian photographers

The Making of FACES OF GAYO NGARAN – by Flanegan Bainon

Travelogue pic by Flanegan Bainon : Day 2 Bundu Tuhan

Sunday, Day 2 Bundu Tuhan Woke up 9am, with still lihing smells and odour althou I washed myself last night and also brushed my teeth 3 times. Went to Tamu, eventually they closed early. Then decide to meet 'mentua' the... Continue Reading →

Travelogue pic by Rayyiu Radzi : 1 July, 2014

On the road to Nabalu. Via public bus.

Day 6 View from the Bukit Ular trail — at Kinabalu Park, Mount Kinabalu

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