TWO MOUNTAINS is a ‘joint friendship’ photography project initiated by the directors of KLPA Events and KLEE, INC PARIS TOKYO, Steven Lee and Naoko Ohta, respectively. Acknowledging the iconic status of Mount Fuji in Japan and Mount Kinabalu in Sabah, Malaysia, three specially selected photographers from each country will be commissioned to photograph personal photo-stories about these revered peaks. Focussing on the peoples and communities which live ‘under their shadow’ this cross cultural project hopes to enlighten and discover the legends, folklore and traditions from each mountain.

Beginning May 2014, the project will culminate in a public exhibition in August in Kuala Lumpur, with planned talks to be arranged. A reciprocal Tokyo exhibition is planned for 2015.

Photographers – Japan

1. Junpei Kato

2. Hajime Kimura

3. Mikio Hasui

Photographers – Malaysia

1. Nadia J Mahfix

2. Rayyiu Radzi

3. Flanegan Bainon

The second phase of Two Mountains Photo Project / TM2.0 started in 2017 with a 6 new photographers, 3 Japanese and 3 Malaysians. They are commissioned to travel to their counterpart nations to photograph the respective mountains from a foreign viewpoint.

Photographers – Japan

1. Yukari Chikura

2. Mayumi Suzuki

3. Chiaki Kano

Photographers – Malaysia

1.  Nana Safiana

2. Stacy Liu

3. Nadirah Zakariya

This phase is currently in progress.